Market Research

Thriving companies understand the importance of diligent, methodical market research, and they realize that in many cases, it just makes good business sense to partner with a qualified expert.

How Market Research Helps You

The more you know about your customers—and your industry in general—the better your business can perform. With in-depth market research, you can learn the who, where, when, why, and how much you need to build and sustain success.


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Market Research
Market Research Trends

Know where Your Business Needs To Be

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, and regardless of the industry you work in, professional market research can help you better position your company and your brand. You'll be able to strengthen your image, improve your market share, and increase your profits with inside knowledge of your customers and your competitors.

What Can You Do With Market Research?

Uses For Market Research

Market research can help you gain valuable information across several sectors of your business. Just a few of the many uses for this powerful tool include:

  • Spotting trends in your industry, and tracking timing and best practices for trend implementation
  • Discovering untapped market segments or new target demographics for your products or services
  • Making smarter decisions on major business investments, such as new technologies or new product / service launches
  • Building, managing, or refreshing your brand
  • Improving customer retention and strengthening reacquisition
  • Understanding—and staying ahead of—your competitors
Market Rersearch

We'll Help You Stop Guessing And Start Selling!

Comprehesive Market Intelligence

Our market research professionals and consultants have years of experience with comprehensive market intelligence.

Whether you're looking into the potential market for a new product or service, or gathering information to redefine your entire brand, we'll handle the research phase from start to finish.

Uncover The Right Data

We work to explore every corner of your market and industry, uncovering the right data to help your business prosper.

Along with our research, we provide you with detailed analysis and expert recommendations on implementing the findings to your advantage.

Market Research - Our Process

Effective market research involves much more than handing over a collection of articles and statistics. You need to know not only the information that is relevant to the business question you're trying to answer, but also how you can apply that information to your strategies and processes, in order to achieve growth.

Comprehensive Insights In Ready To Use Formats

With our market research process, we gather all of the raw data that applies to your industry, your customers, and your competitors—including hard-to-find information and exclusive facts and statistics. Then we transform that data into customized, highly readable formats that show you exactly how you can use the research.

We also provide suggestions on the best ways to implement your market research findings within your business model.

Market Research That's Tailored To You

We know that no two businesses are alike. That's why we work closely with you to understand your processes, your goals, and your vision - and create custom market research solutions that meet your unique needs.

For every market research project, we start from scratch. We help you decide on the right type of information you need to achieve your objectives, and formulate a research plan that will best serve your goals. You'll never be pushed into a cookie-cutter approach with us.

Full Service Market Research Solutions

Many companies perform cursory and ineffective market research, or leave it out of their strategies altogether—simply because the process is too time-consuming and complex. We take the hassle out of market research, handling your project from start to finish and saving you valuable time that you can dedicate to your core business.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Us For Market Research

  1. Our market research solutions deliver the data you need to understand your customers, improve your market standing, and increase your profits
  2. We customize our market research campaigns to your unique needs, ensuring that your business value is maximized

  3. Our research goes above and beyond, with hard-to-find sources that give your company an exclusive advantage

  4. With market research from OnlineSurveys and Informatix, you get more than a pile of data—we deliver easy-to-interpret results and in-depth analysis that you can use right away to improve your business

  5. We provide you with suggestions to implement your market research data within your existing processes, in order to achieve the best results

  6. Our full-service market research solutions handle every detail, from beginning to end, freeing you to dedicate your time to your core business

  7. We work with the most recent, up-to-date information for your industry, and incorporate historic trends to help you strategize for the future

  8. Our expert researchers and analyzed have years of experience in finding and interpreting the best market intelligence, with proven results

  9. You'll never feel like a number—at Informatix, our customer service is second to none

  10. We're here for you throughout the entire process and beyond, providing timely and accurate responses to your questions and helping you achieve the ultimate vision for your company