Polls are a great way to get answers to essential questions that can benefit your business.

How Online Polls Help You

Want to gauge your customers' level of satisfaction? Find out how interested consumers would be in a new product or service? Learn more about the latest trends in your industry? You can do all this and more with online polls.

At OnlineSurveys, we design, implement, and analyse polls for your business that achieve the results you need. We can handle the entire process, from creation to data collection, and deliver in-depth poll results that help you effectively reach your customers and market your business.

Take The Pulse Of Your Industry

Polls are a great way to get answers to essential questions that can benefit your business. This research method is also a crowd favourite—people are interested in responding to and seeing the results of polls, because most are naturally curious about how their opinions compare to the average.

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Online Polls
Uses For Online Polls

Uses For Online Polls

There are many ways your business can use polls to your advantage. These include:

  • Learning more about your customers—their overall satisfaction with your products or services, their likes and dislikes, their demographics, and more
  • Testing the likely popularity of a new product, service, or feature before you begin the research and development phase to ensure market viability
  • Discovering new trends in your industry, as well as how your customers and prospects feel about your competitors
  • Increasing visitor participation and engagement on your website and through your social media channels
  • Elevating the reputation of your company by demonstrating that you care about your customers' opinions
  • Gaining media exposure and positive press through timely, seasonal, interesting, or newsworthy poll results

Professional Online Polls With Real Results


What Are The Options?

With online polls, you need to decide:

The design and colour scheme of the poll itself

Whether to use an embedded or popup poll

The right channels to present your poll—your website, blog, social media, or a combination

How to phrase questions for clarity and audience engagement

The responses that will give you the results you need

When and how to capture data beyond responses, such as email addresses or respondent demographics

Whether to let respondents see the results of your poll

Poll Design & Layout

You may think there isn't much to presenting a poll, but the truth is there are a lot of factors that go into the design and layout of an online poll that can impact its effectiveness.

The best polls are geared for results, from asking the right questions and offering the right choice of responses, to what happens when someone participated in your poll.

We Design Polls That Work For You

At OnlineSurveys, our experienced designers will make sure your poll is perfectly geared for results.

We write effective poll questions and answer choices, create designs that incorporate your business branding elements, and engineer online poll presentations for maximum responses.

Get More Responses With A Professional Online Poll Design

Poll Execution & Distribution


Custom online polls can be a great marketing tool for your business—but without strong execution and distribution for your poll, you won't collect enough responses with a wide enough demographic spread to make an impact.

Effective polls rely on high volumes of responses for the largest possible sample base. Our job is to make that happen for you.


The Right Presentation For Optimal Resluts

There are many different ways you can present online polls—from simple one-question popups to permanent embedded polls with multiple questions, on your website or across social media networks, as a public poll or by invitation only.


Form Coding To Support
We've got you Covered

We help you define the best channels for your custom online polls, and the best time frames for running them, whether you need time-sensitive responses or an ongoing data capture point. Then, we'll handle the entire execution and distribution process, from hosting solutions to response collection.

Looking To Fire Up Your Marketing Strategy With inside Information Direclty Form The Minds Of Your Customers

Online Poll Analysis & Reporting

Even the most highly targeted polls with massive response numbers are useless without thorough analysis. You need to know not only how your target audience answers your questions, but who they are, where they're coming from, and how they heard about you.

Online Polls Analysis
Poll summary Report

Put Your Polls To Work For Your Business

Online polls can provide you with valuable information to help you market and grow your business. You just need to know how you can use it.

Deliver Usefull Insights

You'll receive easy-to-interpret data that can be customized to the formats you need, whether it's a simple graphic, charts and graphs, or spreadsheets for distribution to key personnel, partners, or investors.

In Depth Analysis 

At OnlineSurveys, we provide you with comprehensive analysis of your poll data, helping you turn customer feedback into highly effective marketing tools. Our expert analysts offer detailed, timely feedback and reporting that contains everything you need to make your online polls truly work for you.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Us For Online Polls

  1. We provide detailed and comprehensive online poll solutions from start to finish
  2. With our full service online poll design, implementation, and analysis, you'll save time that you can dedicate to your core business, while gaining valuable market data
  3. Our cost-effective poll solutions benefit your business by delivering inside information on the mindsets and desires of your customers
  4. We deliver detailed, customizable analysis and reporting, ensuring that you obtain the data you want most from your polls
  5. As an established marketing and research firm, we know what it takes to gain a competitive edge in today's business market
  6. Our expert marketers, designers, and analysts have years of experience creating and deploying online polls for companies of all sizes, across multiple industries
  7. We're experienced with all facets of design and digital marketing, ensuring an attractive and properly marketed poll that boosts your response rates
  8. Our services are prompt, dependable, and comprehensive
  9. We stay up to date with the latest technologies and online marketing strategies to keep your online polls operating on the cutting edge
  10. We're here for you throughout the entire process to handle any issues that arise and answer your questions—our customer service is second to none.