Online Surveys

Online surveys can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and satisfaction—but only if people respond to them

How Online Surveys Help You

How much more effective would your marketing campaigns be if you knew precisely what your customers were thinking? That's the power of online surveys. You can find out exactly what your target audience wants in a product or service, what they want from a company, and how you can make them long-term customers. Check out 13 Best Practices For Designing Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

When it comes to gaining information about your market, online surveys have a lot of advantages. Customer surveys are:


The lack of geographical restriction through online platforms means that you can reach more of your target audience, wherever they are

Highly accurate

Because online surveys allow for anonymous responses, you can get honest feedback from your customers and prospects


Online surveys increase your revenue in several ways, from direct sales to referrals, improved customer loyalty, and greater customer retention

With a professionally designed and implemented online survey, you can gain intimate and profitable insights into your target audience.

Uses For Online Surveys

Online surveys can be designed to gather many different types of targeted information, including:

  • Customer interests and turnoffs
  • Overall levels of customer satisfaction
  • What your audience needs—and what they never want
  • Your target market's purchasing habits
  • Ideal pricing points, and more
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Read The Minds of Your Customers

With a better understanding of what your audience wants, you can craft highly targeted marketing campaigns that bring real results for your business.

Survey Design

There's more to building an effective survey than throwing some questions together and sending them out.

Survey Design & Layout

Appearance counts—a professional, appealing design and layout that makes it easy for people to reply will dramatically increase your response rates.

It's also essential to ensure that your online survey asks the right questions, at the right length, and in the right format. Great survey questions make all the difference between an informative, profitable survey and a pile of useless data.

Well Designed Surveys That Get Results

Our professional marketers and designers have years of experience creating eye-catching surveys with easy-to-use interfaces and the right layout for your type of survey.

We incorporate your business logo, colours, and other branding elements fluidly into your survey, helping to keep you top of mind with your respondents.

Boost Response Rates With A Well-Crafted Online Survey

We'll also create custom questions based on best practices in surveys so you get information you can really use, and the maximum number of responses.

We can refine an existing survey, or build one from the ground up—giving you more time to focus on your business.

Survey Execution & Distribution

When you have a survey that's well designed, with the right questions in the right format, it's time to send it out for responses. But once again, there's more to survey execution and distribution than firing off a link to your email marketing list and calling it a day.

Survey Hosting & Management

You need to host your online survey somewhere dependable, with mechanisms in place that make it easy for respondents to answer—and easy for you to gather data. You need to reach not only enough people to take your survey, but the right people. And you need everything coordinated to happen in your desired time frame.

Form Coding To Support
We've got you Covered

Proper execution and distribution for an online survey can be a daunting process. That's why our experts will handle the whole thing, from start to finish. We offer full-service online survey hosting, including coding and programming for questions of every complexity level.

Let Us Handle The Details

We'll build your respondent lists and cleanse repeated and unnecessary data. We'll distribute your survey, and notify you of any undeliverable or bounced emails. And we provide you with ongoing technical support throughout the process.

Survey Analysis & Reporting

No matter how well designed and executed your surveys are, you won't see a return on your investment without proper analysis. You need to make sense out of all the data you've collected, and determine the best ways to apply what you've learned about your target audience to your business.



Online surveys can deliver a goldmine of valuable information that will help you expand your market and your profits - you just have to know how to mine that data.


Intelligent Analysis For Optimal Returns

We provide you with the final analysis and reporting structure you need to transform customer feedback into powerful marketing tools that help your business make informed decisions.

Our expert analysts deliver timely, in-depth reporting and feedback on your surveys with everything you need to measure effectiveness.

The Data You Need To Make Surveys Work For You

We provide you with customisable, easy-to-read reports that include data like average response times, respondents who have finished the survey, overall survey completion percentage, number of surveys abandoned, and statistics for each individual question.

You can view results in chart or graph form, or export them to spreadsheets for distribution to key personnel.


Survey Integration

Integrate Surveys Flawlessly Into Your Exisitng Platforms

Including limited-time or permanent surveys in your existing branded platforms is a great way to help you get more responses and gather more valuable customer data that helps you improve your bottom line.

We can integrate customised, professional surveys into your company website, landing pages, email marketing lists, social media channels, and more—providing you with seamless survey content that matches your brand and delivers results.

Features Of Our Integrated Surveys

Our powerful, flexible surveys can be customised to achieve a wide range of formats, goals, objectives, and data capture strategies. Just a few of the many features we offer for integrated surveys include:

Question Library

A huge library of question types from simple to advanced: radio buttons, dropdown menus, drag-and-drop rank order, Continuous Sum, Likert Scales, and many more—including the ability to build your own custom question types

Survey Actions

Intelligent survey actions such as respondent answer review, automatic email send, hidden value tracking, outside data integration, data pushing, browser redirect, save-and-continue, and much more


Survey Logic

Advanced survey logic, branching, piping, and randomisation, enabling highly interactive surveys that validate and respond to your respondents' answers

Robust Branding

Robust branding features that ensure seamless integration with the look and feel of your existing platforms—including custom URLs and zero third-party advertising


Advanced features for distribution, data collection, reporting, and analysis

Ready To Get Things Started?


Top 10 Reasons to Use Us For Online Surveys

  1. Our professional marketers, designers, and analysts have years of experience creating and implementing highly successful surveys for a variety of companies of all sizes, across multiple industries
  2. As an established marketing firm, we understand what it takes to succeed in today's business world
  3. We provide comprehensive online survey solutions from start to finish
  4. Your business will benefit highly from our cost-effective solutions for obtaining inside information on the mindsets of your customers
  5. With our full service online survey design, implementation, and analysis, you'll save valuable time that you can dedicate to your core business
  6. Our customer service is second to none—we're here for you throughout the entire survey process to troubleshoot and answer any questions you have
  7. We keep up with the latest technologies and online marketing strategies to ensure that your business operates on the cutting edge
  8. Our experience with all facets of design delivers an attractive, well-formatted survey that increases your response rates
  9. We deliver expansive, customizable analysis and reporting, ensuring that you get the information you want the most from your surveys
  10. Our services are prompt, dependable, and thorough